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Laboratoty waterbath

Водяные бани LaboLaboratory water bathes for research laboratories manufactured by Turkish company Labo. Since 1981 Labo company supplies temperature maintenance equipment for different facilities - from huge pavillions to small closed systems.

Having over 38 years experience in this market segment, Labo offers top quality laboratoty water bathes and thermostats to the customers. High reliability of equipment and accuracy of temperature regulation provide leading market positions for Labo products.

In 1981 Numan Teknik Turkish began to manufacture climate control systems. The company constantly improved techologies and used advanced scientific solutions for its products. After several transformations over next years, Labo Inc Company has emerged, which specialazes solely on equipping laboratories with user-controlled temperature and humidity regulation systems.

Most significant positions in Labo product range are:

  • Laboratory water bathes without circulation
  • Laboratory water bathes with circulation (Laboratory thermostat)

Devices can be equipped both with heating and cooling systems.

Laboratory water bathes without circulation

This product range is represented with BMS-200 and BMS-90 models. Water bathes differ by bath capacity and heating power. These bathes provide only heating and maintenance of temperature.

  • BMS-200, capacity up to 21 liters,  1,5 kW heating power
  • BMS-90, capacity up to  10 liters, 0,7 kW heating power

Depending on series, laboratory bathes with liquid circulation or laboratory thermostats offer various heating and cooling power. Professional series can stabilize temperature with outstanding speed and precision.

The range includes several product series. A bath with circulation, suitable for any task, can be selected within each series.

  • C Series (Compact), 7-8 liters,  -80 - + 100 °C temperature range, power up to 2 kW;
  • B Series (Big), 20-54 liters,  -40 - + 100 °C temperature range, power up to 2 kW;
  • P Series (Professional), 9 liters,  -60 - + 200 °C temperature range,  power up to 2kW; high temperature, enhanced accuracy;
  • S Series (Short), 7 liters, -20 - + 100 °C temperature range, power up to 2 kW;
  • H Series (Heater), 7-54 liters, -30 - + 250 °C temperature range, power up to 2 kW; only for heating

About Labo Turkish bathes

Водяная баня лабораторная All Labo water bathes with circulation work on ecologically clean, non-CFC coolants, which don't destroy ozone layer. Also, the general features of all Labo water bathes are: internal liquid circulation, stainless steel bath, easy liquid drain system, and PID temperature regulation.

In addition, accessoires like height-adjustable posts, thermocups and anti-evaporation shade balls can be ordered for the bathes.

Labo cooling and heating laboratory water bathes with circulation are manufactured in accordance with European quality standards and can be used in many industrial branches, such as: chemical industry, food and beverages industry, automotive industry, aviation, military, healthcare, textile industry, metallurgy and oil industry.  Labo Inc. has an ISO 9001: 2015 certificate.

Techimport company is glad to represent Labo products in Russia, Kazakhstan and Georgia. Please, ask any questions to managers of our company.

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